Insurance consulting services

We have a team of lawyers and consultants

with extensive experience in all aspects of the insurance of large risks
Saint Clement Claims management recovery services london madrid miami

The current trend towards more complex claims goes together with the drafting of increasingly more elaborate policies and the emergence of conflicts in interpreting these. Thanks to our team of experienced Lawyers and Claims Handlers we are in a position to provide our clients with mediation services and high-level technical advice in these situations, both from the technical and legal perspectives.
Our team has a proven record in successfully reaching settlement agreements in the shipping, transport and marine liability areas, including hull and machinery and charterer’s liability policies.

We also provide general insurance consulting and advisory services from the claims and underwriting perspectives, including the drafting of coverages and the recommendations to comply with the regulatory framework.

As part of our risk management and insurance consultancy services our company provides loss record analysis and loss prevention services, with the investigation of the causes of losses and providing the necessary recommendations to avoid recurrent losses and minimize their impact.

Saint Clement Claims management recovery services london madrid miami