Our services

A seamless approach to risk, claims and recoveries

Management of Large & Complex Claims

Saint Clement's expertise inimise the impact of large & complex claims

Our team of qualified lawyers and marine insurance experts together with our global approach ensure that claims are resolved swiftly and efficiently regardless of where they may occur or how large or complex they may be.

P&I Services

Saint Clement have been working with P&I Clubs for more than 10 years

Our team of experienced case handlers have are able to provide P&I services in traditionally difficult regions across Latin America, partiularly in relation to Crew Assistance and Repatriations.

Loss Surveys & Investigations

Saint Clement have a deep understanding of the Spanish and Latin America surveying sector

Our multilingual survey coordinators can assist with surveys and loss investigations across the Spanish-speaking part of the world and often finds a solution where others fail.


Saint Clement successfully pursue recoveries to improve loss ratios

Our recovery case handlers have extensive technical and legal training and a proven track record of maximising recoveries regardless of the challenges.

Third Party Administration

Saint Clement is the natural choice for TPA solutions

We have more than 10 years experience of claims management under delegated authorities from marine insurers, brokers and cover-holders. What makes us different, however, is that we are still small enough to care.